Skyrocketing Organic Traffic by 227%

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Headless CMS vendor Core dna approached Wordify with a need for search engine-friendly content. In addition, they wanted to become thought leaders in the headless CMS space, and they needed sales assets to empower their sales representatives, too.

Core dna requested content for the top, middle, and bottom of their sales funnel, addressing trends and keywords like headless CMS, headless commerce, and decoupled CMS.

“Wordify are specialists in this industry. They have deep domain knowledge allowing for elevated discussions, complete content and consistent messaging.” — Sam Saltis, CEO of Core dna.


After analyzing Core dna’s websites and content assets, Wordify suggested the following two solutions.

  1. Changing Core dna’s website messaging to reflect and promote their status as a hybrid headless CMS.
  2. Producing content addressing the definitions and common questions related to headless content management and headless commerce.
  3. Generating sales assets around how a hybrid headless CMS can empower marketers.

Wordify worked with the Core dna team to update its website copy and produce top-of-the-funnel content such as ‘Headless CMS vs Decoupled CMS’. Wordify also produces ebooks that addressed trends within the CMS industry.


After one year, Core dna reported an overall 227% increase in organic traffic, with 80% of new leads coming from organic search. Wordify’s content played a major role in this success story.

“We have seen a definite uptick in organic traffic and better quality of leads through the door. We have been able to achieve things much faster with the Wordify team than just using internal resources.” — Paul Savage, VP of Partnerships at Core dna.

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