Case Studies

We help Headless CMS vendors reach new heights

Wordify is not just another content factory. We integrate into marketing teams to build content-filled funnels that turn website visitors into MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). Here’s how we do it.

study 1

Shopify 🤝 Wordify: Expertly executimg numerous content projects

Shopify, the eCommerce and headless commerce giant, has partnered with Wordify on a number of projects, including blog content,,, and numerous landing page projects.Read case study

Liferay 🤝 Wordify: Educating the UK public sector

As a leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) working with both private enterprises and public sector organizations, Liferay needed content that encouraged government organizations to embark on a digital transformation journey. Wordify’s expertly researched blog posts and white papers were the solution.Read case study

Core DNA 🤝 Wordify: Skyrocketing organic traffic by 227%

Headless CMS vendor Core dna approached Wordify with a need for search engine-friendly content. In addition, they wanted to become thought leaders in the headless CMS space, and they needed sales assets to empower their sales representatives, too. Wordify’s plan was soon implemented, with excellent results within just one year.Read case study